Marsa Alam City – Marsa Alam Tours

Marsa Alam City Location

Marsa Alam city like Hurghada and El Qusier located on the western side of the Red Sea. and the name Marsa means harbor. Marsa Alam is 727 kilometer to the south of Cairo, 130 km to the north of Hamata and 283 km to the north of Hurghada.

The new tourist center is 137 km to the south of El Qusier and 380 km away from Aswan via Edfu desert road 290 km. Marsa Alam was a small fishing village like Hurghada and now it’s very famous sea resort and it’s a great center for diving, snorkeling and sea trips.

How to get in?

Marsa Alam has airport 60 km to the north of the city and many flights come direct from different European countries to the airport specially Italy, German and Eastern Europe countries like Czech and Slovakia. So you can fly to Marsa Alam airport then taxi to your hotel.

If you will come to Cairo, you can easily fly one hour from Cairo international airport to Marsa Alam airport then a limousine to your hotel

If you are coming to Hurghada airport you can hire a taxi to Marsa Alam hotels approximately 4 hours driving

By bus

It takes like 10 hours from Cairo to Marsa Alam with one of the 3 local companies operating between Cairo and Marsa Alam city.


Sure you will need an entry  visa to enter Egypt and easily you can purchase it at the airport for 25$

Best time to visit Marsa Alam

Weather in Marsa Alam like most of Egypt sunny and dry all year round with average temperature 25°C. Summer is hot and the temperature is about 35°C specially from April to September. June is the hottest month and the sun is overheads because the city is 210 km north of the tropic of Cancer. March to October is the best time to visit Marsa Alam.

When it rains, it rains like heavy shower for few minutes every year but sometimes heavier rainfall last few hours and it make a lot of troubles to Coastal roads and transportation.


January 23C 13C
February 24C 14C
March 26C 16C
April 30C 19C
May 32C 23C
June 35C 25C
July 35C 25C
August 35C 26C
September 34C 25C
October 32C 22C
November 28C 19C
December 24C 16C

Marsa Alam Hotels

Let’s say Marsa Alam airport is the center so we can simply say divide Marsa Alam as following

  • Porto Ghalib

Marsa Alam Airport Distance in KM Average Time
The Palace Port Ghalib hotels 17 KM 15 min
Port Ghalib Resort 16 KM 15 min
Marina Lodge at Port Ghalib 20 KM 20 min
Sunrise Marina Resort Port Ghalib 15 KM 15 min
Marina View Port Ghalib Hotel 14 KM 15 min
  • South of Marsa Alam airport till Marsa Alam city

Marsa Alam Airport Distance in KM Average Time
Fayrouz Plaza Resort 10 KM 14 min
Royal Tulip 16.3 KM 17 min
Magic Tulip 16.3 KM 17 min
El Nada 20 KM 20 min
Concord Moreen 25 KM 25 min
Happy Life 26 KM 28 min
Hilton Nubian 30 KM 30 min
El Malikia 34 KM 30 min
Three Corner Equinox 35 KM 35 min
Elphistone resort Marsa Alam 37 KM 40 min
Sentido Kahramana Park 40 KM 45 min
Sentido Kahramana Beach 40 KM 45 min
Calimera Habiba 42 KM 45 min
Blue Reef 43 KM 45 min
Brayka Bay 43 KM 50 min
Oriental Bay 45 KM 50 min
  • Deep south from Marsa Alam city to Hamata and Bernice

Marsa Alam Airport Distance in KM Average Time
Gemma Beach 93 KM 80 min
Shams Alam 120 KM 105 min
Fantazia 169 KM 110 min
Gorgonia 115 KM 85 min
Azur Wadi Lahmi 190 KM 150 min
Lahami Bay Beach Resort & Gardens 190 KM 150 min
  • North of Marsa Alam airport till El Qusier

Marsa Alam Airport Distance in KM Average Time
Resta Grand 6.5 KM 10 min
Resta Reef 6.5 KM 10 min
Jaz Dar El Madina 7.4 KM 12 min
Jaz Solaya 7.5 KM 13 min
Jaz Lamaya 7.5 KM 13 min
Steigenberger Coraya Beach 8 KM 15 min
Three Corner Sea Beach 8.5 KM 15 min
Sentido Oriental Dream Resort 39 KM 32 min
Dreams Beach Marsa Alam 45 KM 35 min
Coral Hills Resort Marsa Alam 45 KM 35 min
lti Akassia Beach Resort 51 KM 41 min
CLUB CALIMERA Akassia Swiss Resort 51 KM 41 min
Pansee Azur Resort 54 KM 44 min
Utopia 55 KM 45 min
Novotel Marsa Alam 56 KM 43 min
Radisson Blue Resort, El Quseir 69 KM 60 Min
Albatros Sea World Marsa Alam 73 KM 60 min
Mövenpick Resort 71 KM 68 min
Flamenco Beach and Resort 73 KM 70 min

Why Marsa Alam

  • Some of the most beautiful diving and snorkeling spots not only in Egypt but in the world
  • Perfect and moderate temperature allow people to swim all year long specially in winter when the weather is bad in most of the world
  • Close to the gold and marble mines specially El Sokarry mines which is originally an ancient gold mines
  • Close to the famous sightseeing in Luxor and Aswan which allow people to visit all highlights in both cities
  • The discovery of some monuments near Marsa Alam in addition to the gold mines
  • The only place in Egypt where you can swim with the sea cow or the dugong.

These are some of the reasons why the Egyptian government gave special attention to the city in the last few years.

Best Restaurant

Here are some of the famous restaurants in and around Marsa Alam where you can enjoy a typical Egyptian meal.

Cacio e Pepe

Address: 27, Naser Mohamed Alkharafi St, Marsa Alam 14116, Egitto، 27 Halayeb We Shalateen Rd, Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Phone: 0100 220 2249

El Mashrabya 2

Address: Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Phone: 0128 224 9078

La Perla Del mare seafood restaurant

Address: 22 street, Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1.00 AM

Phone: 0122 558 8588

Sultan Restaurant Port Ghalib

Address: Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2.00 AM

Phone: 0101 470 7776

Divino Port Ghalib Marina

Address: Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 11:50 PM

Phone: 0109 783 2888

Best Hospitals Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam still small city and here are the best hospitals

Port Ghalib Hospital

Address: Km 72, South Qusier, Marsa Alam – Hurghada – Egypt

One Day Surgeries Hospital

Address: El Khorafi street, downtown Marsa Alam، Red Sea Governorate

Hours:  Open 24 hours

Phone: 065 3720290

City Medical Center

Address: Qesm Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate

Hours: Open 24 hour

Phone: 0101 256 6617

Marsa Alam Nightlife 

Marsa Alam is a quiet small resort and Marsa Alam city almost has nothing to offer for night life. In general we can say those who vacation with parties and nightlife so Marsa Alam is not the place.

Marsa Alam mostly for beautiful hotels and amazing beaches and good food but there are animation teams in most of the hotels and the hotel’s discos

where they play all kind of music specially Latin, rock and roll.

Beach Party

The  beach party at Abu Dabbab beach  could be another option with entrance fee including some drinks. They also offer food and all kind of drinks.

Here are a list of the top nightlife places in Marsa Alam specially Port Ghalib

Red Club Port Ghalib

Dance & Night Club

Sun Rise Marina Resort, Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam · 0120 604 8008 · Opens Monday

The Island Beach Club

Dance & Night Club

Port Ghalib

Abu Dabbab Beach Party

Dance & Night Club

Abu Dabbab Beach

Opens Thursday

Sensations Beach Club

Dance & Night Club ·

Port Ghalib · 0101 511 5881