Smart Pack

  1. What to take?
  2. what to leave behind?
  3. what you have to forget about?

When you are ready to travel and it is time to pack your staff, you have to think about the following list as smart pack

  1. First of all from our experience you have to think about 2 bags. A nice piece of luggage is highly recommended as you are going to move from hotels to trains or to boat on Nile cruise and to keep everything value inside.
  2. 2nd you have to think about day backpack where you can keep your bottle of water, Antinal tablets, sanitary wipes or spray, anti-histamine cream, sun screen, sun glasses, headache tablets, plenty of small notes for tipping, map, camera, tissues, mobile phone.
  3. You have to be sure that you have your Passport, tickets and travel insurance documents with you
    What you have to bring with you
  4. Concerning clothes it will not make huge difference if you are coming in summer or winter because in winter you will just need a sweater or light jacket for the cold evenings. Here are some of the most important things you should not miss.

We can abbreviate what you should bring with you in one sentence 4 tops+4 bottoms+1 dress or lets talk about it in more details.

One pair of Jeans- one pair of Capris, one pair of linen Capri, 2 plain v-neck t-shirts and two colored, two pairs of Yoga pants for the daily excursions, swimming suit, socks enough for 7 days, underwear enough for 7 days, Comfortable shoes for walking, Good sunglasses, A cotton neck scarf, Non-slip flip-flops for wearing in the bathrooms and wet-rooms is a good idea for safety and hygiene reasons.

Travel Adaptor: Egypt uses two pronged, rounded plugs with 220 volts. It’s a good idea to bring a couple of them should you need to recharge both your camera and phone simultaneously. Mobile Phone, toothbrush and small toothpaste Antibacterial Hand Wash or Sanitizer Gel.

What you have to forget about?

What you have to forget about are your Toiletries and your Toiletry bag and contents. Suntan lotion and moisturizers, Handkerchiefs/tissues, Insect repellent, Imodium (also known as Lope amide), Hand sanitizer and/or wipes, Toilet tissue – not a must, but some people certainly prefer to carry their own as it may not always be available but the rest you will always find in the hotels.

Anything else you may forget to bring or you will need it when you are in Egypt, be sure that you can find it easily in any pharmacy.