Hurghada City – Taxi Hurghada – Hurghada Nightlife

Hurghada city is very big and sure you will need to walk by the streets, go out to check Hurghada city Nightlife, eat dinner at one of the sea food restaurant by Hurghada center or go shopping in the old part of Hurghada (Dahar) or the new center (Sakkala).

So here are some of the transportation means you can use

  • The Microbus(minivan)
  • Taxi Hurghada
  • Local Bus
  • Limousine
  • Railway)not existed)

Here are some tips to help you to save your time and money and not get ripped while you are in Hurghada city

We will start with Safaga and Soma Bay hotels

Safaga Soma Bay
Distance 55 km Distance 60 km
Duration 50 minutes Duration 45 minutes
Price 13 euro Price 13 euro


Unfortunately no chance to catch the local buses under any condition so the easiest options as following

Hotel Limousine

Hotel limousine is almost double price of the other means of transportation but If you can catch that price we mentioned for one way do it if not better hire a limousine

Hotel shuttle bus

Hotel shuttle bus will be the best option and the cheapest if the hotel arrange daily transfer to the downtown but you will be forced to come back according to shuttle bus schedule

Taxi Hurghada Limousine Service or Taxi hire

  • Taxi Hurghada Limousine service could be the best way as you can spend as much as you like at the town. You can make your mind one day to go for dinner at one of the fish restaurants in Hurghada or one of the typical local food restaurant then go to Hurghada new marina to drink beer or smoke shisha by one the many bars and café shops there .
  • as long as you are in the area you can have a look on the fish market and the big mosque of Hurghada as they are all next to each other. You can call your driver 30 minutes before you want to go back to your hotel to pick you up from wherever you are.

Sahl Hasheesh Hotels

Hotel Sahl Hasheesh
Distance 30 km
Duration 30 minutes
Price 10 euro one way


All Sahl Hasheesh clients have 3 options to leave their hotels to Hurghada city

  • Hotel Limousine

limousine is almost double price of the other means of transportation but If you can catch that price we mentioned for one way do it if not better hire a limousine

  • Taxi Hurghada Limousine Service

You can order any limousine from any limousine companies on line but at least one hour before and the price for one way not than the mentioned priced

  • Taxi

You can catch taxi(orange and blue ) in front of the hotel after driving somebody and instead of going back empty, you can offer him 150 l.e to drive you to Hurghada but its not advised for first timer clients

Makadi Hotels, Makadi Hurghada

Makadi Bay hotels have limited chances with local transportation to Hurghada city as no regular buses going there and the only chances to leave the hotel to Hurghada will be one out of three ways

Hotel Limousine

The cost price for one way transfer from any hotel in Makadi Bay around 10 euro and if you can reach that deal with your hotel limousine is ok if not you can save your money and order limousine on line with fixed prices or take the shuttle bus if the hotel arrange the trip.

Hotel Shuttle bus

Some hotels as long as we know Al Nabila arrange shuttle buses daily to Hurghada city with almost 10 euro and they give you 2 hours in the downtown then back to hotel.

Taxi Hurghada Limousine service via on line reservation

Hotels Makadi Bay
Distance 28 km
Duration 30 minutes
Price 10 euro one way


Hurghada Hotels

From Hotel Coral beach Rotana, Hilton long Beach, Jasmin palace, Titanic Palace, Jaz Aqua Marine, Golden 5, Desert Rose, Dana Beach, Sunrise select Garden, Sunrise Mamlouk,, Sunrise Crystal Bay, Aladdin hotel, Ali Baba Hotel, Mercure, Magawish

All these hotels have many options and one easiest and cheapest is minivans from in front of the hotel till Sakkala square, Sheraton Road, Abu Ashra  or Cleopatra Bazaar, Hurghada marina or Dahar square.

Minivan Minibus Microbus

easily wait in front of your hotel and they are running all the time through the day and night.

  • 14-seated minivans knows in Hurghada with their white colors and we call them Microbus.
  • You can leave the minibus at anywhere you like just say Al Ganb Lo Samaht(stop here please)
  • You can pay at the end of the drive
  • Price 5 l.e per person


100s of them in the street and still we advise first timer customers and single ladies to do not use it. If you decide to take an orange and blue taxi you do not have to do anything, just wait in front of your hotel and the scenario will be as following

  1. All the passing taxis will slow down and the driver will ask or scream to you Taxi
  2. The drivers will honk their horns looking for business
  3. At night they will put the light in your eyes and shout Taxi

How to use Hurghada Taxi?

  • Raise your hand
  • Mention your destination in strong voice
  • Get in the back and never seat beside the driver
  • Try to catch the taxi number which is written in English everywhere
  • Be ready to listen stupid music or anything he plays. In most of the cases he won’t care to turn it down because you are there
  • He will talk in the phone all the time
  • He won’t fasten his built
  • He won’t turn on the kilometer counter
  • Horning all the time
  • Overtaking on right side
  • Get out in your destination and give him the money and do not discuss or open any conversation


You can check many websites on line to order limousine car with fixed prices, cleaned air-conditioned cars and no haggle at all. here is one of the recommended sites

Sakalla Shedwan Road

Skalla is the starting point for the minibuses to all hotels  from




3 L.E

Bel Air

3 L.E

Arabia and Arabella

3 L.E

El Palacio

3 L.E


3 L.E
Palm de Mirette

3 L.E

King Tut

3 L.E

Empire Beach

3 L.E

Empire Hotel

3 L.E

Meraki Resort

3 L.E


El Gouna Hotels

There are many options from El Gouna hotels to Hurghada

Bus from El Gouna to Al Dahar

Starting time from El Gouna 07.00
Starting time from Dahar 06.30
Ending time 00.00
Cost of the Ticket 8 L.E



Hotels Price
All hotels in El Gouna 13 Euro



You may will find orange and blue taxi by luck after dropping somebody at his hotel and you may make good deal with him to drive you to Hurghada instead of going back empty.


  • There is bus without fixed time from Al Dahar to Senzo Mall crossing El Nasr Street then Airport road to Senzo Mall.
  • All hotels in Al Mamsha like
  • Al Mashrabia Hotel
  • Marlin in
  • Gifton Hotel
  • Al Samaka Hotels
  • Hawaii
  • Steigenberger
  • Intercontinental
  • Hilton Resort
  • Grand plaza

They can easily cross any street in front of their hotel to the parallel street to take the local minibus or taxi to the downtown with maximum price 50 L.E

  • Let’s say you came from your hotel to downtown and you like to go back to your hotel local minibus. Sure you can
  • In front of Regina Hotel or near Mc Donald’s the main station to all hotels till Hilton.