Ramses IV

Ramses also spelled Ramesses or Rameses The Pharaoh of ancient Egypt (reigned 1156–50 BCE)

The word Pharaoh

The word Pharaoh means king and it was a title of the ancient rulers who was considered to be the son of the god or the representative of the god on earth. The Pharaoh was the political and the religious ruler of the country.

Facts about the king Ramses IV

Ramses IV was the fifth son of the king Ramses III from his wife Isis, possibly was of Asiatic origins and she had her tomb in the valley of the queens QV 51.

Ramses IV ruled for 6 years only between 1151 till 1145 BCE but he was his father co-ruler in his last few years on the throne. More precisely he started to be crown prince in the twenty- third of his father reign Ramses III.

Ramses IV Facts

Main Information Title Remarks
Name Ramses IV
Horus Name kꜢ-nḫt Ꜥnḫ-m-mꜢꜤt Horus, the strong bull, his Maat lives
Nebty Name mk-kmt wꜤf-pḏt-9 The protector of Egypt, he who vanquishes the Nine Bows
Golden Horus Name wsr-rnpwt wr-nḫtw The golden falcon, rich in years, whose victories are great
Throne Name wsr-mꜢꜤt-rꜤ stp.n-imn Usermaatra, chosen one of Amun
Birth Name rꜤ-msi-sw ḥḳꜢ-mꜢꜤt mri-imn Ramesses, ruler of Maat, beloved of Amun
Egyptian Kingdom New Kingdom
Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Previous Pharaoh Ramses III
Successor Pharaoh Ramses V
Mother Isis
Chief wife of the King Tentopet
Location of the tomb Valley of the kings
Year of discovery 1920
Egyptologist who discovered the tomb Edward Ayrton
Location of the Mummy Cairo Museum

Ramses IV achievements

  • Ramses IV took the responsibilities of trailing a group of people who plotted to murder his father Ramses III (Royal Harem Conspiracy )and he discovered that main suspected was one of the minor wives called Tiya. She hoped to see her son Pentewere on the throne. Fortunately the plan was discovered and the planners or the guilty were arrested.
  • The king first mission was to bury his father and prepare his tomb according to ostraca was found in the city of the workers or Deir El Madina.
  • He sent extensive mining expeditions, seeking the finest stones Wadi Hammāmāt. One of his mission consists of 8368 men, of whom were 5000 soldiers, led by the high priest.
  • Ramses IV started building two temples at El Dier El Bahari on the west bank of the River Nile.
  • Ramses IV finished the decoration of Khonsu temple at Karnak complex.
  • Expeditions to the turquoise mines at Serabit El Khadim in Sinai.

Ramses IV death

  • Ramses IV reigned only 6 years and he died middle-aged in 1145 BCE leaving most of his projects unfinished.
  • He was followed by his son Ramses V
  • Ramses IV WAS buried in his tomb KV2 in the valley of the kings but his mummy was found in the royal cache in the tomb of Amenhotep IIs tomb in 1898(KV 35).

We will talk later in details about his tomb KV2 in the valley of the kings which is considered one of the most beautiful tombs in there and his sarcophagus is a very nice red granite one.