Ramesses IX  

Ramesses IX  Facts

  • Ramesses IX was the son of Mentuherkhepeshef  or the grandson of the king Ramses III from his wife Takht. He was the VIII king of the twentieth dynasty of Egypt.
  • Ramesses IX ruled for 18 years only between 1126 till 1108 BCE.

Ramesses IX  Facts

Main Information Title Remarks
Name Merenptah  13th son of Ramses II
Horus Name kꜢ-nḫt ḫꜤi-m-wꜢst The strong bull, he who appears in Thebes
Nebty Name  wsr-ḫpš sꜤnḫ-tꜢwi He whose blow is powerful, he invigorates the Two Lands
Golden Horus Name wsr-rnpwt-mi-Ꜥnḏti wr-nsyt dr-pḏt-9 He who is rich in years like Tatenen, the great king who has repelled the Nine Bows
Throne Name nfr-kꜢ-rꜤ stp.n-rꜤ Perfect is the Ka of Ra, the chosen one of Ra
Birth Name rꜤ-msi-sw ḫꜤi-m-wꜢst mrr-imn Ramesses, he who appears in Thebes, beloved of Amun
Egyptian Kingdom New Kingdom
Dynasty Dynasty XX 18 years
Ruled 1126-1108 B.C.
Previous Pharaoh Ramesses II
Successor Pharaoh Ramesses X
Mother Isisnofre
Chief wife of the King Baketwernel
Location of the tomb Valley of the kings kv6
Year of discovery 1881
Egyptologist who discovered the tomb  Abd el-Rassul family 1870 then Emile Brugsch 1881
Location of the Mummy Deir el-Bahri cache (DB320)


Ramesses IX  achievements

Tomb Robbers

  • According to Abbott Papyrus and Amherst Papyrus, the scandal of tomb robbers in the valley of the kings occurred during his reign. Many documents date back to his time explain how they investigated the scandal. Paser the mayor of the eastern Thebes investigated the situation and he suspected Paweraa the mayor of the west Thebes. It was never proved and it may explain why his mummy was found in El Deir El Bahari Cache DB320.
  • He brought back some stability and power to Egypt by traveling to Asia and Nubia and reopening the trade routes.
  • He added many building to the sun temple at Heliopolis.
  • He had many activities at Karnak like most of the kings of the new kingdom.
  • Archaeologists found his name in Dakhla Oasis and Gezer at Palestine.
  • His tomb in the valley of the kings known as KV6 discovered in 1881

Ramesses IX  death

  • Ramesses IX reigned only 18 years and he died very old in 1108 BCE leaving some of his projects unfinished.
  • He was followed by his son Ramesses X (not sure he was the son because his real son Menuherkhopshef died during his lifetime)
  • Ramesses IX was buried in his tomb KV6 in the valley of the kings but his mummy was found in the Deir el-Bahri cache (DB320). it was removed in the by Pinedjem in the 21st

We will talk later in details about his tomb KV6 in the valley of the kings